Action Wall Ties

Action Wall Ties

Action wall Ties are specialists in structural repairs.

Bowing walls, failing bay window masonry & cracked brickwork are just some of the structural defects that AWT can help with.

AWT’s specialist knowledge means they can get to the root cause of structural problems. Save time and money by using a specialist structural repair company.

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Structural Repairs for Your Home

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Action Wall Ties

Action Wall Ties are a local company that specialises in repairing brickwork, lintels and cavity wall issues.

Get the experts in to fix it properly. It’s cheaper and less hassle than keep getting inadequate repairs done by a general builder.

  • AWT’s skilled staff can identify the root cause of structural problems.
  • Using their specialist equipment they can finish the work faster and with less disruption than a general builder.
  • Minimal visual impact repair methods, ideal for period properties.
  • Don’t risk the investment you have made in your home.
  • Don’t delay repairs, the problem may get worse.
Fast, efficient structural repairs.

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Action Wall Ties can help with:

  • Sagging Bay Windows
  • Broken or Cracked Lintels above Doors and Windows
  • Bowing Brickwork
  • Cracked Brickwork
  • Sagging Brickwork Arches
  • Subsidence
  • Cavity Wall and Wall Tie Problems
  • Many Other Structural Problems

*There is a fee for wall tie inspections

If you have specialist stone repair issues for marble, granite or travertine contact Revive who can repair everything from tables and floors to statues and historic buildings. Both of these companies operate in the South East of England and provide a friendly and helpful service.