Wedding Girl DJ in Kent

If you are looking for an experienced wedding DJ in the South East then look no further than Wedding Girl DJ Paula Frost.

Paula is a highly sought after wedding DJ. She’s known for her classy sets that are real crowd pleasers. Paula really understands what makes a great playlist to get everyone to enjoy themselves.

Wedding DJ Abilities

  1. Choose music to enhance the mood and atmosphere.
  2. Keep people dancing with carefully chosen floor fillers
  3. Tailor your playlist to your tastes as a couple
  4. Ensure the music is family friendly and has wide appeal

As an established wedding DJ, Paula has a range of DJ equipment to suit various venue sizes including a DJ table, speakers, DJ deck, lights, lasers and smoke machine (optional).

Her website gives all the information you need to book your wedding DJ and lists the options and equipment that can be provided.

Visit her site for more information on wedding DJ in Kent to find out more.